In order to reduce the damage from fire and promote “prevention is better than cure” in all employees’ mind. All employees in SK Valves Company cooperate with Wanluan Branch, Pingtung fire station and perform the maneuver in SK Valves factory. There are three main points of missions below for functions approval & defects improved.

1.    Members of Report: When the operator is aware of Fire disaster, he/she broadcast all employees to evacuate and to give first aid. Meanwhile, call 119 to Wanluan Branch, Pingtung fire station for help.

2.    Members of Fire extinguisher: Operation skill for Portable dry powder fire extinguishers and the users’ safety is both the key in the maneuver.

3.    Members of Emergency Evacuation Routes: (1) Evacuation Plan (2) The member of Emergency Evacuation Routes arrives to the right position immediately and instructs all employees to evacuate. (3) Ensuring the safe location won’t influence the path of the firefighters.


We appreciate all employees made great effort in the maneuver. Also, we thank the firefighters’ passionate direction in Wanluan Fire Branch, Pingtung County.proimages/img2015.jpgproimages/img201501.jpgproimages/img201502.jpg